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Kawau Island Copper Mines

The kawau Island copper mines are the next destination after lunch or you may also walk to the mines during the lunch stop if you require a little more time to explore the mines and Kawau Island (click here for more information on Kawau Island and Mansion House).

In the early 1840s Copper was accidently discovered on the Islands and dozens of miners and their families where shipped over from Whales and Cornwall in the United Kingdom. For 15 year Kawau Island seen a significant increase in its population and at its high there was estimated to be up to three hundred people living permanently on the Island.

Unfortunately due to the mines locations the logistics and the constant flooding of the mines seen Kawau Island Copper Mines come to an end in 1855.

The old ruins are still easily visible from the water and several walking tracks lead all the way to the ruins, the copper mine ruins have a significant resemblance to many old mine structures in the United Kingdom especially the Cornwall area of Whales and are a perfect photo opportunity.

After lunch and a trip the mines it's time to jet off to Beehive Island, this stunning island is an idyllic location and perfect for a spot of relaxation.

Kawau Island copper mines, destination number 5, next destination Beehive Island